Nature Alphabet

A: Acorn

"Little acorn on the ground, tiny but mighty to be found." Acorn

B: Bear

"Fuzzy bear, big and brown, wears nature's fur as its crown." Bear

C: Cloud

"Clouds above, so fluffy and high, like cotton candy in the sky." Cloud

D: Daisy

"Dainty daisy, white and yellow, makes the meadows bright and mellow." Daisy

E: Earth

"Earth, our home, so vast and round, where wonders of nature are found." Earth

F: Frog

"Friendly frog with a leap so bold, in ponds and streams, stories untold." Frog

G: Grass

"Green grass under our feet, a soft, tickly, nature's treat." Grass

H: Hill

"Happy hills, rolling and wide, where adventures and dreams coincide." Hill

I: Iceberg

"Iceberg, a giant in the sea, a frozen wonder, wild and free." Iceberg

J: Jaguar

"Jungle jaguar, sleek and fast, in the forest shadows cast." Jaguar

K: Kelp

"Kelp in the ocean waves, underwater forests and caves." Kelp

L: Leaf

"Lovely leaves, in the breeze they sway, painting nature in green and gray." Leaf

M: Mountain

"Majestic mountains, reaching high, touching the edges of the sky." Mountain

N: Nest

"Neat nest, a cozy home, where little birds rest and roam." Nest

O: Ocean

"Ocean wide, deep and blue, filled with secrets and life anew." Ocean

P: Pinecone

"Prickly pinecone, snug in a tree, a forest treasure, for you and me." Pinecone

Q: Quail

"Quiet quail, small and neat, with a chirp that’s oh-so-sweet." Quail

R: Rainbow

"Radiant rainbow, colors bright, arching across the sky, a delightful sight." Rainbow

S: Sun

"Sunny sun, shining so bright, bringing the day and warming the light." Sun

T: Tree

"Tall trees, with leaves that flutter, in forests where creatures mutter." Tree

U: Urchin

"Undersea urchin, spiny and round, in ocean depths, it is found." Urchin

V: Volcano

"Vivid volcano, mighty and grand, shaping the earth and the land." Volcano

W: Waterfall

"Whispering waterfall, rush and flow, a river's journey, fast and slow." Waterfall

X: Xerus

"Xerus, an African squirrel, in the savanna, it twirls and whirls." Xerus

Y: Yak

"Yawning yak, woolly and wide, on mountain paths, it takes a stride." Yak

Z: Zebra

"Zippy zebra, striped and neat, galloping fast with speedy feet." Zebra