My First Alphabet

A is for Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, red, juicy, and round, it's a healthy way to play. Apple

B is for Ball

Bouncing balls go up and down, in every color, roll them around. Ball

C is for Car

Cars zoom fast, cars zoom slow, on the roads, they go, go, go. Car

D is for Doll

Dainty dolls with dresses so fine, each has a story, each is divine. Doll

E is for Egg

Eggs can be scrambled or fried sunny-side up, they're a breakfast delight when you wake up. Egg

F is for Flower

Flowers bloom in colors so bright, bringing joy and a lovely sight. Flower

G is for Grapes

Grapes in bunches, purple or green, a burst of sweetness, juicy and keen. Grapes

H is for Hat

Hats on heads, some big, some small, keeping us cozy through spring, summer, and fall. Hat

I is for Ice cream

Ice cream is sweet, cold, and nice, a perfect treat, like sugar and spice. Ice Cream

J is for Juice

Juicy juice, refreshing and cool, drink it up after school. Juice

K is for Kite

Kites soar high with colors so bright, dancing in the wind, a spectacular sight. Kite

L is for Leaf

Leaves flutter down from trees so high, painting the ground as seasons pass by. Leaf

M is for Moon

The moon at night, a silvery sphere, lights up the sky, crystal clear. Moon

N is for Nest

Nests are homes where little birds lay, snug and safe in their own special way. Nest

O is for Orange

Oranges are sweet, tangy, and round, a juicy delight that's easily found. Orange

P is for Piano

Pianos play melodies, soft and loud, creating music that makes us proud. Piano

Q is for Quilt

Quilts keep us warm, stitched with care, patterns and colors beyond compare. Quilt

R is for Rainbow

Rainbows arc in skies so high, a colorful bridge in the rain-washed sky. Rainbow

S is for Sun

The sun shines bright, giving us light, warming the earth, making it right. Sun

T is for Tree

Trees stand tall with leaves so green, in forests and gardens, they're often seen. Tree

U is for Umbrella

Umbrellas up when raindrops fall, they keep us dry, big and small. Umbrella

V is for Violin

Violins sing with strings that hum, playing tunes that make us drum. Violin

W is for Wheel

Wheels go round on bikes and cars, taking us near, taking us far. Wheel

X is for Xylophone

Xylophones chime with a magical tone, each bar a note, in its musical zone. Xylophone

Y is for Yarn

Yarn in colors, soft and bold, used to knit stories yet to be told. Yarn

Z is for Zipper

Zippers zip, up and down, on jackets and bags all around town. Zipper