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Welcome to WonderWeave Press,

A little experiment from all of us (the kids, me and GPT). We enjoy making books and tools for toddlers and small kids and their parents and teachers.

Alphabet Books

Here are a few that we generated:

Nature Words

Prompt: nature themed and you got a book... 🤯

My First Alphabet

Prompt: generate an alphabet using the most common object and items used by a toddler.


While we are at it, the future of books are interactive AI generated books right?

WonderWeave Press: Alphabets

This is the GPT that can be used generate books like above.

Quiz Weaver

A GPT that will allow you to generate quizzes, and allow you export to Kahoot, Quizizz, Blooket as spreadsheet files. Just pick your format after generating these quizzes. GPT Link

Lesson Weaver

A lesson and activities generator for teachers. Also allows you to export to all the formats supported by Quiz Weaver. GPT Link

Decodable Press

A decodable generator, also allow download to a textbundle. GPT Link



The quickest way to generate sites from Markdown files.


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